Goddess Stories

       A literary collection of goddess coming-of-age stories.   Volume One includes 13 goddesses (Greek, Russian, Navaho, Aztec, Egyptian, German, Hawaiian, Celtic and Inuit) all discovering who they are, and their missions.  Persephone dons a black leather jacket over her flowery dress and sets out to find what’s “real;”  Inuit Sedna’s fingers turn into fishes and seals when her father chops at her knuckles in fear;  Glispa leaves her Navaho grandmothers in order to take a shamanic journey;  Aztec Xochiquetzal, queen of the flowers, reappears as our Lady of Guadalupe;  the Egyptian goddess Nut who holds up the sky is befriended by scarabs and they alter the course of the Nile;  Iris has a crush on Morpheus, lazy god of dreams, but comes to her senses and moves to the American Southwest;  a young girl is taught by animals to carry fire in skulls, discovers her parentage, and becomes the Baba-YagaPele learns to control her fiery temper (and the volcano), but not before losing the love of her life... and more.

Little Comedies about Death


    16 characters find their afterlives more intricately entwined with their personalities than they had imagined. Humorous, lyrical, and based on contemporary and metaphysical theories, these stories bring the foibles of human nature into the realm of the “Just Ending.” A paleontologist’s wife, who is a closet collector herself, discovers that “you have to take it with you” in the afterlife. An armchair traveler melts through a wormhole in a church in Italy. A handful of people incarnate over and over, taking turns as lover, deceiver, warrior, friend. A timid woman’s soul adds another version of herself each time she is frightened, and they nearly collide. A stonecutter is fought over by Saturn and Jupiter, then released. A master chocolatier dies in a seeming earthquake and walks through the rubble only to find the river Lethe. And ten more.       

   Stabat Mater and other Poems


     Collection of 46 poems, celebrating the colors, vibrancy, rhythms and ribbons of life.  Lyric and narrative poetry from 1996 to 2016, this collection includes the modern epic poem "Stabat Mater," based on the interior odyssey of a child and her mother.

   Breath by Breath: Growing Up during My Mother's Polio Years

    A daughter’s memoir of care-giving to a mother with deep limb and respiratory paralysis, from 1954 to 1967 in Detroit.

What's New?!!

Cozy Mystery Series

(1st two complete, in process of looking for representation)

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