Little Comedies about Death

A collection of short fictional accounts of the "many, many mansions" discovered by various characters who venture into the afterlife.   

 1.  Rose Window  


 2.  Maribela     


 3.  Saved by Numbers


 4.  Quarry   


 5.  Passing Beauty


 7.  Moira 


 8.  Letters from Maria 


 9.  Stinking Loneliness


10.  The Chocolatier  (click to read)  




12.  Glass Table


13.  Marcela and Martine Find a Wormhole


14.  Fin the Fighter  


15.  Marvelous Marv 


16.  Blackberry Pie


17.  To Leave or Not to Leave


18.  Tonglen


19.  Time Capsule








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