1.  The Glowing of Sedna's Hair    click for story


  2.  Falling for the Snake Shaman  (Glispa)


  3.  Rebel Girl  (Persephone)


  4.  How Strong Can a Flower Be? 

      (Xochiquetzal and Lady of Guadalupe)  


  5.  Berchta Hears the Longing Huts  


  6.  Brighid Enkindes Hephaestus


  7.  Boney Legs  (The young Baba-Yaga) 


  8.  Nut Makes a Deal  


  9.  Iris and the Thumderbird


10.  Pele's Red and Yellow Fishes


11.  Rhea and the Oomphalos Stone


12.  What Hygeia Gave Me


13.  The Horse Goddesses Have Tea  (Epona, Philyra, Rhiannon)



































Goddess Stories